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CURLY METHOD of Natural Sense

Spontaneity and naturalness


Step 1: COWASH

Wet the cake and apply directly to wet hair and scalp


Create a light emulsion between your hands and apply the cream to the hair


Step 1: COWASH

Wet the cake and apply directly to wet hair and scalp



Create a light emulsion between your hands and apply the cream to the hair

senza plastica

without plastic

formula solida

solid formula

senza crudeltà

without cruelty

oli essenziali

essential oils

estratti botanici

botanical extracts

oli e burro bio

organic oils and butter

The winning combination of products

Moisturizes, disciplines and shapes the hair, reactivating waviness in wavy hair, highlighting "the ringlet" in a supple way. Protects the shaft from thermal damage due to styling or sun exposure. Gives volume and shine.

Questions and answers

Of course! These products are specifically formulated to address dry and frizzy hair problems that often occur in people with curly hair. If you have straight hair but want to provide greater hydration, nourishment and discipline, you can use COWASH as a hair MASK or as a CONDITIONER after shampooing. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes or more, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Furthermore, the application of our leave-in STYLING will help protect the hair from high temperatures during styling.

Use COWASH as a detangling and repairing conditioner. Wet the stick under running water and apply the solid product directly to your hair. Choose whether to apply it only on the lengths. Plenty of water helps activate the product. Use a comb with wide teeth to distribute the emulsion created. Wait 5-10 minutes and proceed with abundant rinsing. Wet the STYLING and create a light emulsion in your hands. Apply the cream to towel-dried hair starting from the roots, working your way down the entire length. The product does not weigh down the hair and gives volume to the roots.

co-wash, short for "conditioner wash", is a hair washing method that involves the exclusive use of conditioner or conditioner without shampoo. The main goal of co-wash is to hydrate and condition the hair without completely removing the natural oils present on the scalp. You can use co-wash as an alternative to regular hair washing with shampoo, especially if you have dry, curly or damaged hair.

However, it is important to keep in mind that co-wash may not be suitable for all hair types. It is advisable to experiment and adapt this technique according to your specific needs.

The COWASH by SENSO NATURALE is a 3 in 1 product and if you don't find your balance in washing you can use it as a pre-shampoo MASK or as a simple CONDITIONER. Its main function is hydration and nourishment.

So don't worry, you just have to experiment and adapt the use to your needs!

Absolutely! Applying a cream to the roots of the hair can give volume without weighing it down or creating a stiff effect.

SENSO NATURALE SOLID STYLING is a newly developed product and is unrivaled in its kind. Performing, invisible on the hair, our styling is a modeling cream/serum and offers maximum performance and malleability. It does not dry and does not weigh down the hair thanks to the balanced and innovative formula. Gives volume and shine. Protects the stem from thermal damage due to bending or sun exposure.


CONDITIONS AND BRIGHTNESS, MAKING HAIR SOFT: Thanks to naturally derived conditioning active ingredients based on Beetroot and Chicory, with a detangling and antistatic effect.

INTEGRATES ANTI-PHOTOAGING DEFENSES: Astaxanthin red microalgae which has a protective and antioxidant effect 65 times more effective than vitamin C.

REPLACES THE HAIR STRUCTURE, REGULATING HUMIDITY AND PROTECTING DRYNESS: Cosmetic biocomplexes based on cane sugar capable of retaining hydration, closing the cuticles of the hair fiber.



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