A natural and beautiful tan all year round?

Thanks to the synergistic action of vegetable oils, natural moisturizing actives, and Astaxanthin, this cream has excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It gives the skin a smooth and soft appearance, creating a biofilm that protects against dehydration.

How to use

  • 1. Warm the oil between your hands

  • 2. Add water to taste

  • 3. Apply on the body and enjoy the sun!


  • Enriched with microalgae ASTAXANTHIN.

  • SUN and SOLAR LAMPS. Without UV filter

  • Naturally without Plastic, without Parabens, without Silicones

  • Upon contact with water, it transforms into cream.

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Questions and Answers

It's about an oil or a cream?

This is an innovative and multifunctional product. Despite being an oil, it has the extraordinary property of transforming into a moisturizing cream or a velvety milk when it comes into contact with water. Use it on wet skin to discover its extraordinary properties.

Does it leave a greasy feeling on the skin?

If used correctly, it should leave the skin soft and silky, without any oily or sticky sensation.

I have to use it before or after the protective cream?

It should be used before applying sunscreen. It prepares the skin for a healthy tan and helps protect it from UV rays. Always remember to apply sunscreen afterwards for further protection.

Can it be used as a nourishing cream all year round?

Absolutely yes! This cream also transforms into a powerful antioxidant all year round thanks to the combination of vegetable oils, natural moisturizers, and astaxanthin. It offers anti-aging protection, restructuring the skin, making it smooth and soft, and creates a biofilm to protect against dehydration. So, no matter what season it is, with this cream, your skin will always be nourished, protected, and radiant!

How does it compare in terms of quantity, price, and quality?

This 80 gram solid oil offers the same performance as 500 ml of traditional cream. It is 100% natural, contains hyaluronic acid to combat dehydration and skin aging, and its compact size makes it ideal for traveling without compromising the quality of the product.

Natural and Organic
Without Cruelty
Without Parabens
Made with LOVE in Italy


Completely free of plastic and packaged in minimal packaging made of recycled paper and food parchment, printed with biodegradable colors. By purchasing it, you support a non-profit organization that involves differently-abled boys and girls in creating the packaging. An ethical product for the environment and people.

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