Personalized Naturopathic Consultancy

When it comes to phyto cosmetics and green beauty routine in general, sometimes you need an extra advice and the opinion of an expert naturopath. The mission of Senso Naturale has always been to convey authentic beauty, natural, through the integration of a holistic concept where everything is connected: body - mind - soul. That's why our cosmetics are rich in natural active ingredients, plant extracts and pure essential oils and are a valuable aid in the treatment of the most common imperfections.

N.B. Our advice is for educational purposes to support a more conscious purchase: cosmetic advice does not replace a dermatological visit in any way.

  • 1. Communicate your needs or problems by filling out an online form

  • 2. Choose a date to schedule your personalized consultation

  • 3. Receive a consultation specifically tailored for you in a video call

  • 4. Apply your beauty routine and make your skin shine!

Why book the Personalized Counseling?

  • Age Factor: The more years pass, the more skin needs targeted advice, especially on how to use SENSO NATURALE products that can be combined to create different customized protocols.
  • Seasonal Factor: The change of season is the most critical time for the skin, where it is difficult to understand which product is most suitable even from one week to the next. Therefore, our consultancy helps to combine different products, which we would never have chosen for our daily beauty routine, but can give great results.
  • Hormonal Factor: Hormones affect the well-being of the skin especially in menopausal women. Alterations of this type can lead to the appearance of skin imperfections such as acne (including late acne), rosacea, sagging and laxity. After the age of 40, it is recommended to combine the action of a dermocosmetic with a dietary supplement. In this case we can certainly give general advice but for specialized indications we suggest booking a visit with the referring dermatologist.

We let our customers speak for us...