Revive the blond in a natural way?

Bright and shining hair from the first application! The shampoo + chamomile-based balm, turmeric, Greek and lemon hay, in addition to feeding the hair is able to progressively clear it by giving them beautiful golden reflections. The final result? Very natural.

Who is lucky enough to have blond hair from birth, knows you have more fine, delicate and thin than the darker ones. Who instead chooses to become blonde with a treatment, must fight with colors that lose shine, making the hair more and more dried and rough to the touch.

It is not a secret the fact that mother nature has provided us with some natural remedies and phenomenal ingredients to take care of our hair, especially when it comes to keeping them clear and brilliant. In fact, many herbs and natural substances are of great help for those who want to keep the blond live, getting splendid lighter reflexes, similar to those left by a vacation spent at the sea.