On May 20 each year, we celebrate WORLD BEE DAY. A day dedicated to our little friends and their tireless work on which more than half of the world's agricultural crops depend, at least in part.

On the very important activity of bees and other creatures that, like them, go from flower to flower, is linked the survival of:

  • 90% of wild flowers and plants
  • 70% of the world's major agricultural crops.
  • Over 35% yield of crops, including at least 85 major foods such as almonds, apples, strawberries, coffee, red fruits, cocoa etc.

In recent years, beekeepers have been faced with a serious phenomenon: the reduction in the number of bee colonies and the decline in their populations. Several factors have been identified that have led to extinction rates 100 to 1000 times higher than normal. The vast majority of these are caused by Man's activities. Intensive agriculture and indiscriminate use of pesticides, pollution, and destruction of natural habitats are the major causes of extinction, but so are pathogens, mites and other predators (such as the Asian hornet).

The celebration of this day has therefore, the aim of drawing worldwide attention to this important problem, trying to understand how to protect and safeguard the natural habitat of pollinators. New techniques are being studied to promote and improve life inside hives and ways to protect all those "sweet" rooms from attack by predators and pests.

Efforts are made to stop the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystems, so as to help achieve sustainable development... healthy for the environment and for all the creatures that share the Earth with us.

All very important goals that bees and their buzzing, tirelessly remind us of.. as does their work!

Thank you bees!

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