DEPURARE E DETOSSINARE... ecco come iniziare 😉

PURIFY AND DETOXIFY... here's how to start 😉

It's pointless to pretend it's not happening... we can't ignore it any longer... yes, because this year too, the time has come for the SEASON CHANGE!!
-tension music in the background-
But the change of season is not just the challenging moment when we need to reorganize our wardrobe, it's also a good opportunity to take care of our body's well-being by eliminating all the toxins accumulated due to stress, fatigue, pollutants, etc. By doing so, we activate our metabolism and improve the appearance of skin and hair
The keywords are therefore detoxify and purify!
Yes, but what do they mean?
With these terms, we refer to all those processes that help our body to dispose of the excess waste produced as a result of numerous cellular processes that occur every moment inside and outside of us. In short, a real Spring cleaning!
So how do we purify our organism?
We can act in different ways: first of all, try to introduce a healthier and more balanced diet, eliminating smoking, alcohol, and all those foods rich in sugars, fats, and preservatives.
At the same time, we must also find time to engage in healthy physical activity: a run, a bike ride, but even a brisk walk can do the trick, helping us to awaken our organism from its winter hibernation.
For thorough personal hygiene, we use products that help us purify and brighten skin and hair, freeing them from excess toxins and sebum and helping them return to their natural beauty... Our DETOX line, for example, is fantastic for all these "spring cleanings"
Want a practical example on how to start your detox program concretely?
Follow us in the next articles... we'll PURIFY some good stuff!!

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