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INCI: Charcoal Powder - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The vegetable coal is the result of the carbonification of poplar wood, willow, birch and pine. In nature this process takes place over millennium, when plant tissues are subjected to high pressures that cause a temperature increase. The fermentative action of mushrooms and bacteria Anaerobi causes a progressive elimination of hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in carbon enrichment.

activated carbon is a strong purified agent. Its exceptional property is to be able to absorb the toxins and chemicals harmful to our body. Applied on skin and hair has a function Purifying , Detoxizing machine , perfect for those with skin Fat or mixed , but also for those who have arid skin and sensitive skin (unlike clay, does not dry the skin) and for those staying in environments Polluted by cigarette and smog smoke. Vegetable coal is particularly useful for people who have speech and opaque skin. In addition to being very effective, coal is very well tolerated by the skin.

for i hair fat and those tested by pollution and stress, vegetable coal is ideal for purifies and oxygena The scalp . In addition, eliminates the residues of the products that have deposited on lengths.

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