Squalano Vegetale

Collection: Vegetable Squalane

INCI: C13-15 Alkane - Cosmetic ingredient safe and vegan

THE SQUALE is one of the highest quality emollients on the market thanks to its sensory profile and biocompatibility. The squalanel is a non-polar hydrocarbon, naturally present in the skin lipid barrier and its action is that of preventing the loss of hydration and help the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Furthermore, it carries out a protective action from the attacks of pathogenic agents. Once applied, it is absorbed quickly without leaving the skin greased.Nourishing oil and very light from the strong antiage properties.

The squaring that we use for our formulations is not only of animal origin (historically the squalanel is derived from the squalene contained in large quantities in the liver of the sharks, operation that unfortunately still performs today) but it is not even the fruit of intensive agriculture like that of sunflower oil. The team we use is obtained from the fermentation of the sugars present in the sugar cane and is not a synthetic product.

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