Olio Essenziale di Anice Stellato

Collection: Star Anise Essential Oil

INCI: ILLICIUM VERUM FRUIT / SEED OIL - natural cosmetic ingredient and vegan

The star anise is the fruit of a plant with a botanical name Illicium Verum , belonging to the Illiciaciae family. Powerful Antioxidant , R. Vitamin A, B and C and mineral salts, such as calcium and phosphorus . A real touch for skin health of mucous membranes and nervous tissues. Combats the symptoms of influence and relieves coughing, acts as a fluidifying in favoring the expectoration.

The presence of the danetol makes it an excellent antiviral and powerful anti-inflammatory . Excellent in the elimination of skin impurities and acne prevention, it works as Antifungal and antibacterial. The star anise also, stimulates Hair growth , Normalizes sebum secretion, prevents baldness and, for these reasons, an ingredient is considered very represented in hair products. Useful your application for Eliminate lice. Finally, it protects the hair from the rays of the sun.

Holistic aromatherapy: The oil Wellness

Relieves nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia. Reduces tiredness and restores the emotional equilibrium . It contributes to the creation of a family environment, where you can feel at ease: away from stress, agitation and problems of insomnia. Give a sense of serenity and a wave of positive thoughts. At the same time, it comes Considered slightly euphorizing. Give the right charge, needed to face the day. Finally, he relieves the headache, free the airways.

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