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INCI: SODIUM HYDROXIDE - Cosmetic ingredient

sodium hydroxide (naoh) , better known as caustic soda , is an indispensable substance for soap preparation since, Starting from the chosen oil, makes the saponification reaction possible. Once the saponification process has been completed, the soda completely disappears from the finished product, giving us a ecological soap, biodegradable and natural.

The caustic soda does not disappear completely immediately after being mixed with water and oil in the process of soap preparation. To arrive at tempine, the saponification reaction needs a long time. Usually soap must rest from 4 to 6 weeks.

Our Body balm are delicate soaps based on an ancient recipe. We use between 7 types of oils and butter, following process saponification directly In our laboratory. This allows us to obtain a product moisturizer without using the use of cosmetic glycerine Why, during Process of saponification, glycerin is produced naturally and the soap is much more powerful and delicate. This is the main reason why our soaps are produced in limited lots and are called body balm . The slow maceration of oils during the seasoning period, guarantees better performance and an optimal level of hydration of our balsam Body.


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