Sodio Cocoil Isetionato

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INCI: SODIUM COCOYL Isetherate - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

isetine sodium cocoil sodium is an anionic surfactant equipped with excellent foaming power and good thickener power. It is derived from the natural fatty acids which we find in the coconut oil. In fact the same name Cocoyl derives from the aforementioned active ingredients present. The product is easily biodegradable , incredibly delicate, ideal for skin care. after use, l a deep sensation of softness.

Excellent in case of sensitive skin or dry skin, thanks to its incredible moisturizing capacities, improves the skin tolerability of the finished product, representing one of the main choices for shampoos and hair products in genus. Moreover, its delicacy, makes it ideal for skin care infants and children . Some studies in vitro led to demonstrate that the product does not penetrate the protective barrier of the skin, not even if used in very high quantities. The cutaneous barrier is therefore not affected and that's why the product is like this delicate and moisturizer compared to Other similar surfactants, without being harmful to the skin.

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