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INCI: SODIUM CHLORIDE - natural, safe and vegan cosmetic ingredient

sodium chloride is an additive ad action osmotic , purifier and stimulating for blood spraying of capillaries. Its formula is nacl - sodium salt of hydrochloric acid and is the main constituent of the common kitchen salt.

In our formulations we have chosen to use the salt salt from the Sicilian mines . also called mine or rock salt, it is a very prized salt , without any pollution, originates from a very slow natural and integral crystallization of an ancient and unspoiled sea of six million years ago. In fact, in fact, compared to sea salt because it is not refined, remains sodium chloride in pure state.

The galrema is Rich in iodine, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper, zinc and bromine. rebalances the PH of the skin , it turns out to be a very natural natural . The skin will be healthier, more soda and more beautiful.

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