Bicarbonato di Sodio

Collection: Sodium Bicarbonate

INCI: SODIUM BICARBONATE - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The sodium bicarbonate is an extremely versatile product that lends itself to many domestic uses. Also perfect as an ally of beauty. The bicarbonate is an excellent natural tocasana for the skin. It owns Exfoliating properties , since capable of eliminating dead cells, potentially harmful to skin health. The properties antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory of this product help reduce the presence of acne and pimples . Furthermore, bicarbonate helps balance the pH of the skin and consequently it can be useful to mitigate cracks. Bicarbonate is a good Exfoliating agent that helps remove dead cells. Sodium bicarbonate, added to the water of the bathtub, has an effect not only cleansing but also deficant , since oxygen through the skin our fatigued organism. Relax and tone The totality of our copro, making the skin smooth and soft.

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