Olio Essenziale di Salvia

Collection: Sage Essential Oil

INCI: Sage SCLAREA OIL - natural cosmetic ingredient and vegan

sage essential oil is obtained from sage sclarea , a plant of the labiatae family . This oil is a great regenerating cell phone , helps slow down the signs of time and repair Cutaneous tissues, for this reason it finds indication in case of couperose and skin lesions. Applied on oily skin, helps to regularize sebum production and reduce skin impurities. In case of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat), especially of hands, armpits and feet, The essential oil of Sage Sclarea is very effective as Deodorant and Anti-odorant : Adjusts excessive sweating and is a great antibacterial against the responsible bacteria of bad smells.

On fat hair and dandruff has a good dermopurifying action.

Holistic aromatherapy: Healing oil

Fire oil from the artists, is linked to creativity and dream. Its name derives from "saving", or heal. His sweet and aromatic perfume creates a warm atmosphere, s Timulates intuition, creativity and inspiration, revolving it spirit. Induces calm and serenity in stress and nervousness.

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