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Collection: Red Clay

INCI: Kaolin, IlLite - natural, safe and vegan cosmetic ingredient

The red clay utilizes its color to an important presence of iron . In addition to the detoxifying properties and purifying typical clay, performs an important function circulatory-level stimulating : improves skin complexion, soothes Red and for this reason it is particularly indicated in case of couperose and redness. Leave the skin luminous and revitalized , is able to absorb the excess of sebum, removes impurities and explicures a stimulating effect on the scalp.

Used since ancient times, red clay brings benefits for our skin and hair. The red clay has detergent, elasticizing and toning properties. It is suitable for very sensitive skin. It purifies and smoothes the skin of the face, making it look younger from the first uses. Rich in Oligoolements , the red clay illuminates the opaque skin and is known as it brings an improvement to blood circulation. Excellent to lighten skin disorders such as eczema, allergies, boils, inflammation, acne, blackheads and sunburn. . Red clay, used on hair has rebalancing properties . Regulates sebum and removes impurities, soothes skin and scalp, giving volume and shine to hair.

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