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INCI: SimMondsia Chinensis Seed Oil - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

the jojoba is a plant native to North America, whose grain is pressed to extract the oil. It was widely used by aboriginal tribes to treat wounds and moisturize hair. Thanks to its main components, jojoba oil boasts numerous cosmetic properties: contains minerals important as zinc, iodine and copper, vitamin E , vitamins b2 and b3 and Foreign Cereosi .

The jojoba oil is considered a natural care for eczema. Has properties anti-inflammatory which help reduce redness caused by dry skin and other conditions such as rosacea . has a high quantity of ceramides that Cover the skin cells considered responsible for the hydration itself. Well absorbed by the skin, leaves no greasy residues. Protects from moisture loss, from aggression of allergens and powder pollution. This natural oil Leviga cuticles of the hair I ask those dried, frizzy and opaque. Helps seal natural moisture in hair follicles. Adds shine Minimizing damage caused by pollutants and chemicals.

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