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INCI: Equisetum Arvense Powder - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The horsetail (scientific name equisetum arvense ), is also known as horse queue . The active ingredients present in the esteus are: silica (10% passes as silicic acid in herbal teas), calcium, magnesium, potassium, saponine (equisetonin), flavonic glucosides , Small quantities of alkaloids and tannins. This is a plant rich in many beneficial substances, ideal for strengthening nails, hair and bones. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of flavonoids mineral salts and other substances, the horsetail < b> Helps counteract water retention and stimulates the collagen production. prevents wrinkle formation and helps make toned and elastic skin. Prevents cutaneous aging.

The horsetail stimulates and tones the scalp , fights alopecia and promotes hair growth. Furthermore, thanks to its Astringent properties , regulates the production of sebum in case of fatty hair.

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