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INCI: Chamomilla Recurrent Flower - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The chamomile extract is presented in the form of dust, a compound that derives directly from the elves of the homonymous plant Chamomilla recutged . This extract is rich in Flavonoids, powerful antioxidants, glycosides, natural soothing agents that in synergy, produce on the skin a effect decongestante, Disruperating and Regenerating . Specifically, the chamomile stimulates microcirculation and union between collagen and hyaluronic acid , thus favoring skin repair. It is for this reason that the chamomile extract boasts to be among the most used principles in specific emulsions for sensitive, couperosic and delicate skin.

the chamomile has properties pitling. Furthermore, a recent botanical study confirmed that the chamomile is one of the most powerful natural products in facing hyperpigmentation of the skin thanks to the presence of substances that reduce the activity of melanin.

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