Rosa Centifolia

Collection: Centifolia Rose

INCI: Pink Centifolia Flower - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

the pink centifolia is originally from Persia and grows up to reach a height of 2.5 meters, exhibiting a profusion of flowers with large rose petals From whose drying the extract powder is obtained. It is rich in natural, moisturizing and soothing active ingredients for the most delicate skins. Thanks to its action antibacterial and anti-inflammatory is indicated when present acne and rosacea. The rose extract is particularly rich in vitamin C useful to stimulation of collagen, as well as vitamin E who makes it a highly growing natural ingredient moisturizing and nutritious for dry skin.

The sugars and natural oils present in the rose petals maintain hydration high, making the skin brighter and softer, just like the petals themselves! purification The scalp, removes residues of styling products, oxygen cute and bulbs and helps keep hair shiny, healthy, full-bodied.

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