Olio Essenziale di Bergamotto

Collection: Bergamot Essential Oil

Inci: Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Peel Oil - natural cosmetic ingredient and vegan

The bergamot essential oil is obtained from the squeezing of the homonymous citrus belonging to the family of the Rutaceae . The green gold of Calabria - Bergamot, is a fruit rich in vitamins: A, C and Vitamins of the group b. It is an important source of flavonoids . Analgesic , Antibacterial , Purifying , Bergamot oil contrasts the excess of sebum of the skin and hair. G Racie to its healing properties is very useful to counter the stretch marks, as good as firming. is used for massages or added to water in the bathtub. g races to its astringent properties and purifying It comes often used for fat skins of face. also useful in case of itch and insect bites.

Holistic aromatherapy: The oil of the morriso

Antidepressant. In aromatherapy used to combat stress and to reduce states of agitation, confusion, depression and fear. It reports optimism and serenity. If inhaled, induces a joyful mood. and dynamic. Eliminates psychological blocks. It makes it possible to exchange love between people, radiates happiness and care of others. Calming, acts on the nervous system, contrasts the anxiety states. It is an effective remedy in case of insomnia. Relax.

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