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Inci: Alkanna Tinctoria Root - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

the alcanna belongs to the genus alkanna tausch and to the family of the boraginaceae . The Alcanna extract is particularly rich in polyphenols and is used in cosmetics to create the products used for face skin care or to create nutrient masks. Currently, the extract of the Alcanna root is mainly used to color soaps and ointments.

In addition to the tiny power, the alcanna appears to be antiseptic , antimicrobial , Span> antioxidant and hicatrising , helps to purify and soothe wounds. Immunostimulant. Rich in alcannine or ANCUSINA , tannins , Weaped substances and flavonoids. The Alcanna root extract is an antioxidant known for its properties anti-aging . Its features give the beauty treatment. They have soothing, emollient and moisturizing quality: both for the skin and for the scalp.

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