Together for a better world


How is the logo was born?

This logo was born with naturalness and spontaneity because it was a fixed thought for a long time and was completed in a handful of minutes with well-defined and clear colors and shapes. It was a need to give birth to a project, a reality to share, to offer . Today, more than ever, we need Donar love, compassion, hope . We have more needed for us, to feel more involved, not indifferent, more alive ... the separation creates intolerance and we are deeply convinced that helping others means helping ourselves, help each other. We cannot change the world, but we believe that the union makes strength . a small step at a time, we will be able to make the world more good and, citing Leonardo, we are convinced that ... Only Singing each other, we will be able to make it.


Meaning of logo



The purple color is born from the mixture of blue and red. The first embodies wisdom, the second love. It stimulates the intellect and makes creativity more alive. is, par excellence, spirituality color . The last chakra, the seventh, is linked to purple color.



heart is a symbol representing the spirituality , Emotivity and Morality Insite in human being. The intertwining of the heart with the logo of natural sense expresses and strengthens the nature of the brand of a common sense of all things .



The 'brand together for a world more good' will be applied to all collections destined to raise funds for projects charity linked to needs humanitaries , environmental and morali . Our collaboration will be linked to the realities of small and medium caliber and not linked to multinationals, we pre-pass onlus, beneficial associations, volunteers. All the verified realities that have difficulty and struggle to raise funds necessary to carry a solidarity project towards others.


white poppy



A collection born recently in the face of a need for global size. The white poppy symbol represents a cry for peace, an invitation to tolerance, an opposition to the war, to all the wars that continue to devastate our planet!

Born in 1933 from A corporation of UK women, the Women's cooperative Guild , was engaged enormously in activity for peace, opposing war spread in Europe.

These women chose to distribute white poppy as a pawn of peace as an alternative to the red poppy tied to the memory of the military that had lost the Life to the front. A symbol born from a group of women who, with love and courage, wanted to stand up openly for peace, in a period of conflicts and sadness.


For a world of peace, without wars

Part of the proceeds of the sale of the collection will be donated to the Ageop Research , association from forty years active inside the Pediatric Oncohematology Department of the Policlinico di Sant'Orsola, recently become IRCSS . Association for some time supported by us Natural sense and, always attentive to the needs of others. Due to the war in Ukraine, children undergoing oncological care were blocked in the hospital, the hospital is organizing through the humanitarian corridors to accommodate a part of these patients. A small gesture to ensure that the pain of the most helpless has a voice among those who appreciate us.

Only sustaining each other, we will be able to make it