Who we are

Fresh handmade products one small batch at a time in Romagna

Young, innovative and flexible Senso Naturale was born, not as an ordinary company, but as a Project. The Project of a community that includes innovative ideas, people and realities and has a mission: To improve our lives
and the world that hosts us.

We have made this commitment to the world and are increasingly determined in our quest for the impossible: turning liquid into solid and formulating recipes for areas where solid product has never been included. One step at a time we help you develop good habits without sacrificing the convenience and functionality of products.

Our Philosophy

The manifesto of our vocation goes beyond cosmetics and skin care, embracing the world of the invisible.

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What makes us Unique

We specialize in solid cosmetics, every product is created and produced in our internal laboratory.

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Our Packaging

Ethical product for the environment but also for the person next to you.

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Our Lines

Enriched with botanical extracts and pure essential oils, designed to address the most common imperfections.

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