Brighten your skin naturally

For a skin smooth, moisturized e glowing, with a shimmering touch.
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1. Warm the oil between your hands

2. Apply to damp or wet skin immediately after showering

3. Shine!


  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin thanks to the synergy of precious vegetable oils

    Helps rebuild the skin barrier, making the skin nourished and moisturized (Shea Butter, Murumuru, Cocoa; Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil; Hemisqualane from Brown Sugar)

  • It illuminates the complexion giving immediate freshness to the skin tone

    Light and satin-like, this oil illuminates the skin withgolden and platinum reflections. It guarantees a luminous effect with golden sparkles on the skin, thanks to natural, sustainable mica, free of microplastics.

  • PERFECT LOOK from MORNING to EVENING. 24 hours a day!

    You can apply it in the evening to make your skin radiant, creating a seductive look; during the day to brighten dull complexion; in the summer to emphasize the tan. Non-greasy. Vegan.

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Natural and Organic
Without Cruelty
Without Parabens
Made with LOVE in Italy

Questions and Answers

It's about an oil or a cream?

This is an innovative and multifunctional product. Despite being an oil, it has the extraordinary property of transforming into a moisturizing cream or a velvety milk when it comes into contact with water. Use it on wet skin to discover its extraordinary properties.

Does it leave a greasy feeling on the skin?

If used correctly, it should leave the skin soft and silky, without any oily or sticky sensation.

Leave traces on clothes?

It does not leave marks on clothes if applied correctly in emulsion with water. The glitter in the product, being natural, can be easily rinsed off. Additionally, if there is any residual color on clothes, it can be easily removed with a bit of water and soap.

How does it compare in terms of quantity, price, and quality?

This solid oil of 80 grams offers the same performance as 500 ml of traditional cream. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel without compromising the quality of the product.


Completely free of plastic and packaged in minimal packaging made of recycled paper and food parchment, printed with biodegradable colors. By purchasing it, you support a non-profit organization that involves differently-abled boys and girls in creating the packaging. An ethical product for the environment and people.

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