Blemishes, dermatitis or irritated skin?

Here is a valid solution!

Skin cleansing is essential, but some times detergents can disturb the balance of the skin, especially in case of sensitive skin. It is important to avoid washing with too aggressive detergents because they can aggravate the conditions of an already irritated skin. The formula of our cleanser is based on a mix of botanical extracts that deeply heals and moisturises skin tissues, revitalizing sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin (dermatitis and eczema). It also reduces, eliminates and above all prevents the blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

Did you know it?

Nature provides us with many remedies for skin care. Some herbs are in fact rich in substances many efficacy in treating dermatologic disorders and skin imperfections. Officinal plants contain active parts (so the parts of the plant that have healing properties are called) that can be found in the leaf, flower, fruit, called aerial parts, or in the root or rhizome, called underground parts. For the production of our cosmetics we use the herbal medicine principle, using the poor active ingredients of plants and pure essential oils.

So we develop functional cosmetics, effective in prevention and treatments of blemishes, and in restoring the normal physiological balance of the skin.

TURMERIC. Why is it so important?

Turmeric according to some researchers is the most curative medicinal plant in the world, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, able to strengthen the immune system and relieve numerous ailments, therefore anticancer, digestive, purifying, regenerates the brain, eliminates candida, protects the heart and keeps depression away

A study has indeed shown that turmeric can act as a treatment for skin fine lines and wrinkles. It can work to improve the general appearance of the texture of the skin, which in turn can make wrinkles less noticeable.

Turmeric contains a phytocompound called curcumin, which can benefit the body, both inside and out, rich in antioxidants that penetrate the skin to help counteract free radicals, help treat many skin conditions, some:


• redness or irritation

• inflammation

• acne

• acne scars

• pimples

• blackheads

• eczema

• dark spots

• eye bags

• wrinkles


We have chosen CURCUMA as the main ingredient of our cosmetic line for the care of skins that needs in particular attention, capable of preventing and contrasting blemishes and restoring the normal physiological balance of the skin

Specific products for SENSITIVE, REACTIVE SKIN


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