Dry and delicate skin: How do we take care of?

The lack of hydration in the skin can manifest in different forms, ranging from typical skin dryness, flaking, and from small cuts to redness, inflammation, constant tension and itching. When the skin becomes dry it is less resistant, easily irritable and needs special attention.

How to treat dry skin?

When dealing with dry and very dry skin, we should follow certain skin care rules that, on the one hand, prevent further dryness and, on the other, support skin’s natural hydration mechanisms.

In addition to a diet rich in water, fruit and vegetables, it is important to use appropriate cosmetics, thus:

  • mild cleansers, because daily cleansing, especially if performed using harsh products, will defat skin further and lower skin lipids too much;

  • moisturisers designed to both rapidly restore optimal water content in the epidermis and to replenish and strengthen skin’s barrier function.



Did you know it?

Nature provides us with many remedies for skin care. Some herbs are in fact rich in substances many efficacy in treating dermatologic disorders and skin imperfections. Officinal plants contain active parts (so the parts of the plant that have healing properties are called) that can be found in the leaf, flower, fruit, called aerial parts, or in the root or rhizome, called underground parts. For the production of our cosmetics we use the herbal medicine principle, using the poor active ingredients of plants and pure essential oils.

So we develop functional cosmetics, effective in prevention and treatments of blemishes, and in restoring the normal physiological balance of the skin.

Specific products for DELICATE & DRY SKIN


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