Combination & oily skin: how to recognize it?

Combination (or mixed) skin is a type of skin that is uneven, since it shows patches of normal or dry skin and areas where it is oily and impure.

Hence, it shows characteristics that are typical of both dry and oily skin:


  • cheeks, cheekbones, eye area and lip area can be normal or slightly dehydrated

  • the so-called T-zone, which includes the central part of the forehead, the nose and the chin, looks shiny, oily and with skin that is rougher.

Instead, skin is defined as oily when it appears evenly greasy, thickened, with enlarged pores and sometimes comedones (whiteheads and blackheads). If these imperfections are very pronounced, this may indicate a possible tendency to acne.

What are the causes?

The causes are primarily genetic, that is skin type is determined mainly by an individual’s genetic pattern. However, noteworthily, sebum production is very much influenced by sexual hormones. Interestingly,  over-cleansing and the use of unsuitable cosmetics may alter the hydrolipid film of the most sensitive skin areas and, at the same, time trigger an over-activity of sebaceous glands.


Did you know it?

Nature provides us with many remedies for skin care. Some herbs are in fact rich in substances many efficacy in treating dermatologic disorders and skin imperfections. Officinal plants contain active parts (so the parts of the plant that have healing properties are called) that can be found in the leaf, flower, fruit, called aerial parts, or in the root or rhizome, called underground parts. For the production of our cosmetics we use the herbal medicine principle, using the poor active ingredients of plants and pure essential oils.

So we develop functional cosmetics, effective in prevention and treatments of blemishes, and in restoring the normal physiological balance of the skin.

Specific products for IMPURE / MIXED SKIN


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