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Ricci hair management becomes a challenge?

do you think your hair is brittle and ruined? if you manage frizzy hair presents a real daily challenge, you have to try the shampoo and balm based on spirulina algae, greek hay, avocado il, lavender and rosemary donate to the hair elasticity, hydration, definition and anti-crack protection.


that of frizzy hair is unfortunately a problem that does not even spare those who have other types of hair: smooth or wavy, fine or thick. the crespo in fact most of the time is part of a lak of hair vitality, originating two to several factors, both behavioral and natural. however, one thing is certain: the hair that tens more to ripples are certainly the curly ones and, more generally, those dried. this depends on the fact that their continuous need for hydration pushes them to absorb all the humidity present in the air, thus making excessively raise the cuticles (the natural coating of the hair) and causing the so much hated crepe effect.


✔ Vegan-friendly ✔ 100% Handmade in Romagna



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