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Who we are


Fresh handmade products a small batch at a time in romagna


young, innovative and flexible the natural sense was born not as a common company, but as a project. Yes, the project of a community, which includes innovative ideas, people and realities and has a mission: improving our life and the world around us. We can write so many lines about who we are, but import that you know what we are not:

We are not a common company, but we are a family ! We invest in people, we reward creativity and create our products in a handmade way, strictly by hand, to transmit more passion and love possible in the finished product.

We must not specify that we do not use parabens, silicones, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, PEG, PPG , oil derivatives or other similar substances of which many cosmetics normally abound. For us it is obvious to use only substances of natural, vegetable origin, derived from renewable sources, biodegradable. Our cosmetics are solid, of natural origin and are highly performing.

We do not test on animals! Fortunately it is prohibited to do so in the EU and we are really happy, we are looking for reliable, safe and certified raw materials. We love animals and we are creating something special even for our four-legged friends, we will keep you updated.
We are unable to change the world, but a small step at a time, we can help you change a small habit at a time. Naturally without plastic , our solid cosmetics are packed in minimal recycled paper packaging and food parchment, printed with biodegradable colors with the help of an onlus community that hosts boys And girls disabled. Ethical product for the environment but also for the next person.


the world has changed , we all are experiencing irreversible changes and nature is here to teach us. We have taken this commitment to the world and are increasingly determined in our search for the impossible, to transform the liquid into solid and formulate recipes for the sectors where the solid product has never been inserted. One step at a time We help you develop good habits without giving up the comfort and functionality of the products.

Together, we can build a better future.


Start your journey without plastic!



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