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Normal Skin

Take care of you with a simple and daily beauty routine that respect your skin and nature around us. Dedicate a simple and natural skincare to make your skin shine, thanks to our natural solid cosmetics, made with ingredients Bio and Vegan, naturally without plastic, silicones, parabens and petrolates.

ANTIAGE Nourishing Solid Face Serum - for Dry Skin


HYDRATING Face Solid Serum Hyaluronic Acid - for Normal Skin


ILLUMINATING Brightening Solid Face Serum - for Dull Skin


24 Hours Uniforming Solid Face Serum - for Normal Skin


VIRGIN SMALL Sardinian cork container holds for SOLID FACE SERUM


2 Face Scrub Solids with Brown Cane Sugar


NUTRIENT Facial Mousse Solid Cleanser - from normal to dry skin


REGENERATING Face Mousse Solid Cleanser - normal to mixed skin