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Oily Skin

The fat skin and impure recognizes itself with a shiny appearance and by the colorful turned off, often accompanied by the presence of dilated pores, blackheads , pimples. A Correct Beauty-Routine is essential because oily skin needs specific products. Find beauty gestures for Purifying and rebalance with solid and natural products.

ASTRINGENT Purifying Solid Face Serum - for Mixed / Oily Skin


VIRGIN SMALL Sardinian cork container holds for SOLID FACE SERUM


DETOX Facial Mousse Solid Cleanser - from mixed to oily skin


SMALL cork container holds for FACE MOUSSE / DEODORANT solid


2 PURIFYING Solid Face Scrubs with Whole Salt of SALGEMMA


RELIEF Solid Body Oil - After-Sun Emollient Cream


ACTIVE OXYGEN Solid Body Oil - Firming Cream


DETOX body cleanser for oily or mixed skin