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Pantenol (Pro Vitamin B5)

INCI: Panthenol - safe and vegan cosmetic ingredient

The Pantenol is a precursor vitamin b and is used as Regenerating Mobile phone . Its main task, in skin care products, is that of moisturize. It is a humectant as it helps the skin to attract and absorb water. This ingredient is also anti-inflammatory and for this reason it can be used in case of erythema or sunburn , Having as purpose alleviate the hassles.

Thanks to its high compatibility it is often used in the products indicated for the care of the child, as a adjuvant in the healing of diaper redness or Hands. improves The function performed by the skin barrier increasing the Elasticity. keeps the skin soft protecting it from cracks. Help healthy cell restoration. The redness due to itching or irritations benefit from a soothing effect, indicated for this, as a post cream scald. In hair products such as shampoo, balm or mask helps keep soft scalp. Lenitive In case of irritation.

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