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INCI: Glycerin - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The vegetable glycerol also known as vegetable glycerin, is a substance obtained from the saponification process. It is an organic compound natural , also present within the human organism, therefore absolutely biocompatible . It represents a precious ally of the skin, especially for those who suffer from dry skin , fissures to the hands or to the feet or damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

is a natural antidote anti-dryness. has capacity sebum-regulators. This substance favors the regeneration of epidermis cells e You can also use on skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis. Thanks to its properties emollients , refreshing and decongestants , glycerin is in fact effective in the treatment of erythematous lesions,. Note to be a powerful healing and healing of redness with itching and irritation.

The glycerine is also used in the products dedicated to cure and nourishment of the hair , especially those dried and Bribati . Especially in the recommended products to those with curly hair, since it allows a hydration deep and gives elasticity and softness At the chioma.

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