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INCI: Farnesol - natural and vegan cosmetic ingredient

is a component naturally present in some essential oils , including those of jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Rose. Presents antibacterial properties strong.

Given its intense sensitizing capacity, the Farnesol falls within the list of 26 perfumed substances considered potentially allergenis. In the Inci product list sense natural , an asterisk with reference to wording Naturally present in essential oils emphasizes the natural origin of fragrance.

look under the products that contain it

Phyto Solid Shampoo NUTRIENT - Repairs and Protects Hair


NUTRIENT Facial Mousse Solid Cleanser - from normal to dry skin


Phyto Foam Solid Shower Gel - HARMONIOUS CLAY - Relaxes the nervous system


ANTIAGE Nourishing Solid Face Serum - for Dry Skin


Phyto Solid Shampoo and Hair Conditioner NUTRIENT