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Turmeric Powder

INCI: turmeric Longa root - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

the turmeric is a spice that is derived from dried and ground rhizome turmeric longga , perennial herbaceous plant originating in Southeast Asia. Widely used in the kitchen, especially Indiana, turmeric finds use in cosmetics and aims to give a brighter complexion. Note For its properties anti-inflammatory and antioxidants .

Unlike other conventional treatments, the use of turmeric in the fight against acne causes other important effects on skin health. Thanks to its contents of curcumin , vitamins and minerals, represents a great supplement to promote skin well-being. Increases the natural brightness of the skin . It favors the healing of wounds and represents a good supplement in contrast to psoriasis. Help the fight against scabies. Minimize oxidative stress and prevents early skin aging.

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