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Karite Butter

INCI: ButyrosperMum Parkii Butter - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The shea butter is a substance obtained from the seeds of the Vitellary Paradoxa , plant of the family of the Sapotaceae diffused in Africa. Karitè butter are attributed emollient, nutrient and moisturizing properties which make it a great natural cosmetic for skin care. It is believed that it can help protect the skin from solar radiation and which can be used as a cosmetic for wrinkle prevention.

action antioxidant is due to the presence of vitamin E and of Shea Butter. Also present, the vitamins A and D . The application of the shea butter on the skin allows the maintenance of its natural and healthy color. Excellent moisturizing and nutritious, as well as acting as protection from pollutants such as: sunlight, wind and cold, this oil has filtering properties and films.

The nourishing, protective and emollient action of the shea butter, makes it a real touch for the dried, brittle hair and ruined, without body and softness. Repairs damaged hair , on the tips has a nutritious effect, closes the cuticles Keeping them healthy.

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