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Rice Starch

INCI: ORYZA SATIVA STARCH - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

rice starch has a skin action soothing and refreshing and is a perfect anti-inflammatory . Pure and biological , as in our case, is excellent to use in case of burns, burns, hives, itched by dermatitis and how to calming for irritation and redness also on skins Sensitive. It is a concentration of beneficial elements, starting from vitamin D , a valuable nutrient capable of giving the skin a healthy and bright appearance. Contains Football, fibers, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium . The rice starch performs an action moisturizing on the skin, returns softness, respecting its natural defenses. It helps to mentive the right degree of hydration. opacifying. does not obstruct the pores.

For children: the starch of rice, what a note, is particularly suitable for the care of sensitive skin of newborns and small children. Ideal in fact, if added to the bath to calm irritation, redness and itching.

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