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INCI: Spirulina PLATENSIS POWDER - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

its scientific name of arthrospira platensis is a edible microalga that grows spontaneously in salted lakes, where it is very high The concentration of heat and alkalinity. Spirulina is rich over 65% of amino acids and proteins, rich in vitamins including vitamin A with betacaroteni, vitamin E, many of group B, including the B12. Furthermore, it contains a reserve of mineral salts of considerable qualities. Among these, to be emphasized the wealth of iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chrome, copper, selenium, zinc and manganese. thanks to its numerous virtues < b> antioxidants and disinfectants , the spirulina contains a concentration of all the substances and trace elements necessary to obtain a beautiful compact skin. Ne improves elasticity and slows down the signs of time: which wrinkles and dryness. In fact, the zinc and the selenium of spirulina act in synergy with vitamin And and with the pigments (beta-carotene, phytocyanin, chlorophyll) it contains. Having a powerful effect antioxidant and disinfectant, a Contact with skin, spirulina absorbs impurities and excess sebum, rebalania , purifies , hydrate , nourishment , restricts pores. Give a bright color.

It is also, of an excellent ally for hair care, especially if you turn off, dried and free of volume; Also in this case its nutritional pool gives it revitalizing properties , Moisturizers and invigorating. makes the hair stronger, full body and soft.

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