Olio Essenziale di Rosmarino

Collection: Rosemary Essential Oil

INCI: ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS LEAF OIL - natural and vegan cosmetic ingredient

The rosemary plant, whose botanical name is rosmarinus officinalis means dew or pink sea . This plant can be used as a valid aid for hair care, effective fight against cellulite or suitable for facial cleansing ... but not only.

To enjoy the beneficial properties of the rosemary are first of all the hair, since a few drops of essential oil will be enough in addition to the normal shampoo to make them shiny, prevent the fall or promote growth. This product also appears to be capable of regular production sebum , a feature that comes useful even in the case of fatty skin and subject to acne : the effect Purifying is assured by adding rosemary essential oil in creams and masks. Finally, a look also in the chapter of the beneficial effects in the presence of cellulite water retention and from a ' Widespread tissue inflammation: in this case the rosemary essential oil can act from anti-inflammatory . stimulates the microcirculation.

Holistic aromatherapy: Empathy oil

The beneficial properties of rosemary, there is the ability to act on self-esteem, the olfactory stimulus offered by this essential oil, during the phases of the study, is in fact in Degree of Contrast apathy and sadness . stimulating memory .

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