Rosa Canina

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INCI: Rosa Canina Fruit - natural cosmetic ingredient, safe and vegan

The small fruits (berries) of the canine rose are considered as the most concentrated natural sources in vitamin C . Present in quantities up to 50-100 times higher compared to oranges and lemons, reason why it can contribute to strengthening the natural defenses of the body. The action vitaminizing is linked to that antioxidant of the bioflavonoids , contained in the pulp and in the peel that synergistically acts to vitamin C. optimizes Blood circulation.

Thanks to the nourished presence of vitamins c and and and antioxidants, stimulates cell renewal An intense Anti-Age activity, Reduces the irregular pigmentation of the epidermis, improves the consistency of the fabric and deep hydrates by protecting the skin from the appearance of feared time signs. Its effectiveness Antiage can be exploited to repair damaged hair, sea and aggressive treatments such as permanent, dyes, plates. The canine rose extract is known for its capacity moisturizing and emollient that helps to moisturize hair and skin, fighting any form of dryness or dehydration.

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