Alcool Cetilstearilico

Collection: Cethylstearic Alcohol

INCI: CETEARYL Alcohol - Safe and Vegan cosmetic ingredient

CETEARYL Alcohol, Mixture of Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol is a fat alcohol that derives from vegetable sources known for its numerous cosmetic properties. Excellent emollient , softens and protects the skin . In hair products, it facilitates combination. generally suitable for dried skin . Alcohol Cetostearilico has natural origins and is often produced by coconut oil. It is authorized in organic .

n.B. Often, reading the word alcohol, this ingredient is confused with denatured alcohol. In reality they are two completely different things! Emulsifiers such as Cetyl Alcohol or CETEARYL Alcohol act to the opposite compared to alcohol because they are emollient and do not degrease.

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