In summer day in the not far 2016 a mother and a daughter with a decade of experience in the world of art and fashion have decided to try to combine the art, beauty and the world of well-being.

Their mission was simple - to remove the hyperbole that saturates the skincare industry and make natural skincare fun and creative. So that SENSONATURALE was born.

Starting form here we can tell you a lot about who we are but we prefer to start from 

who we are not:

WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS! But only on friends and relatives :) All products are Cruelty Free and Humane! We also have the two pinch breakers, so we started to makea some products for animals lovers us we are. Always in tune with their needs and in full harmony with the environment. Curious to know about?


We are not be able change the world but we take a serious commitment to do our part in global change to make our world a better place for our children. We are committed to reducing the abuse of plastic and packaging, hence constant research in production solid, waste free organic products and using paper packaging where possible or 100% recyclable packaging.

We are not need to specify that we do not use Parabens, Silicons, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, 

PEG, PPG, petrolium derivates and other of which normally cosmetics abound,

because for us it is obvious not to use them! Our cosmetic products are natural, performing and biodegradable.  We use renewable raw materials of plant origin, ​​Certified essences, Organic Biological and Natural Oils and Butters

We are not a common company with an industrial structure but we are a family based 

company that create products with heart using manual machines and hands in order 

to convey as much love as possible to the final product


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